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Media Control

This integration handles media sessions and exposes them to other launcher components. It is used by the music widget and by the media control part of the clock widget.

My media playback doesn't show up!

Per default, only media sessions from "music apps" are recognized by the media control integration. You can select which apps should be included in Settings > Integrations > Media control.

I can't grant notification access permission!

Please refer to notification access on Android 13+.

Why do I need to grant access to my notifications to control media?

That's a very good question. I don't know. Ask Google, why they make so nonsensical decisions. The only way for third party apps to control media sessions is to read notifications and extract the media sessions from there. Sadly, the more privacy-friendly alternative is restricted to system apps only, "due to privacy of media consumption". Yep, that makes sense. Thank you, Google.