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Favorites allow even faster access to selected items.

Favorites consist of:

  • Manually sorted pinned items
  • Automatically sorted pinned items (sorted by how frequently you use them)
  • Frequently used items (if there is room)

Pin apps to favorites

You can pin any app and any search result to favorites by long pressing it and selecting the star_border icon. Remove items by pressing the same icon again.

Some apps allow the creation of home screen shortcuts. These shortcuts will also appear in the favorites section.

Access favorites

Favorites can appear in three different places:

  • Above (or below) the app grid (enabled by default, can be disabled at Settings > Search > Favorites)
  • In the favorites widget (not enabled by default)
  • In the clock widget (not enabled by default)


If you have the calendar widget enabled, pinned calendar events will not appear in any of the above places. Instead, they will appear in the calendar widget.


Favorites can be customized at Settings > Search > Favorites > Edit favorites. The same panel can be opened by clicking the pen icon in the favorites panel.

In this panel, you can

  • rearrange items / change their order (note that reordering items in the “automatically sorted” section will have no effect, you need to move them to the “manually sorted” section first)
  • add app shortcuts
  • manage tags
  • configure frequently used items
    • how many rows of frequently used items should be shown (including the last row of pinned items which will be filled first)
    • disable non-pinned frequently used altogether