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Tags are a way to organize apps and other items.

  • Tags are used as keywords in the search; you can use tags to assign additional keywords.
  • Tags can be added to the favorites section, this allows faster access to all items that have that tag assigned.

Create and assign tags

There are three ways to create tags and assign them to items:

  1. Long-press any search result and select “Customize” (or the edit icon) in the menu.
  2. Type a comma-separated list of tags into the tags input field.


  1. Open the edit favorites sheet.
  2. In the tags section, press the plus icon.
  3. Select an existing tag or create a new one.
  4. Assign items to tags by dragging them onto the tags.


  1. Go to Settings > Search > Tags
  2. On this screen, you can:
    • Create a new tag by tapping on the add in the bottom right corner
    • Quickly assign multiple apps to a tag:
      • Tap on a tag
      • In the dialog sheet, tap on “x items selected”
      • A list of apps opens where you can select / unselect apps
    • Rename a tag:
      • Tap on a tag and change the name in the dialog sheet
    • Delete a tag:
      • Tap on the more_vert icon and select delete Delete
    • Duplicate a tag:
      • Tap on the more_vert and select content_copy Duplicate
    • Merge two tags:
      • Tap on one of the two tags you want to merge
      • Change the name of that tag to the name of the other tag
      • The contents of the two tags will be merged