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Plugins are a way to extend the launcher's functionality. Plugins act as data providers for several launcher components.

As of now, only weather provider plugins and file search plugins are supported, but in the long term, support for all search categories is planned.



Plugins are installed the same way as any other app. You can either download them from an app store, or install them manually as APK files.


After the plugin has been installed, it needs to be activated in the launcher settings. To do this, go to settings > plugins, tap on the plugin you want to activate, and enable it. The plugin will show a permission dialog. Tap on "Allow" to give the launcher the necessary permission to access the plugin's data.

Next, you may or may not need to perform steps to configure the plugin. For example, a plugin might require you to sign in with an account in order to use it. A banner is shown when additional configuration steps are needed:

Last but not least, you need to enable the plugin functionalities that you want to use.

For weather plugins, you need to change the weather integration settings to use the plugin as weather provider.

For search plugins, you need to enable the search provider in search settings. Shortcuts to these settings are available on the plugin's settings page.

Available plugins

As of now, the following plugins are available:

Plugin development

If you are a developer and you are interested in developing your own plugin for the launcher, you can find more information in the developer guide.