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Translations and I18n

Kvaesitso supports a number of different languages. You can contribute translations in your language using the project's Weblate instance.

Translation status

Sign up with your Github account and start translating. If your language does not exist yet, you can create it.

There are two components: i18n and units:

  • i18n is the main component that contains most of the strings that are used within the app.

  • units is an extra component that contains all the strings that are used by the unit converter. Each unit has a unit_[name] and a unit_[name]_symbol resource. unit_[name]_symbol is the symbol that is used in the search query. For SI units, this should typically be the SI symbol (m, s, kg and so on), but other, non-SI units may need their symbols to be translated (for example, nautical miles or horse powers).


    For technical reasons, these symbols may not contain spaces.

    unit_[name] is the full name of the unit that is used in the unit converter results. It's a plural resource, for different quantities of that unit.

Icons and other resources

There are currently no icons that would require localization but in case there were you could simply create a new pull request including the localized resources.

defaults.xml contains (non-string) factory settings for different regions. At the moment this is only used to enable imperial units for US users.