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Google Cloud Services

Google Cloud Services are used for Google Drive search. To enable Google Drive integration in your builds, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Console
  2. Create a new project.
  3. Enable the Drive API:
    1. Go to APIs & Services > Library and search for the Google Drive API.
    2. Enable this API for your project.
  4. Setup your OAuth consent screen
    1. Go to APIs & Services > OAuth consent screen
    2. On the Oauth consent screen page, fill out all the required fields
    3. On the Scopes page, click add or remove scopes and add the following scopes: userinfo.profile and drive.metadata.readonly
  5. Create a new Oauth 2.0 client (you need to do this twice, for debug builds and for release builds)
    1. Go to APIs & Services > Credentials
    2. Click on Create Credentials > OAuth client ID
    3. Choose application type Android
    4. Enter the package name (de.mm20.launcher2.debug for debug builds or de.mm20.launcher2.release for release builds)
    5. Enter the SHA-1 certificate fingerprint of your APK signing key
    6. Click on create
  6. Download the client config file (repeat this step for both the debug and the release client)
    1. On the APIs & Services > Credentials page, find your OAuth client in the list under OAuth 2.0 Client IDs.
    2. Click on the download icon to download a client_config.json
    3. Place this file under g-services/src/debug/res/raw/g_services.json or g-services/src/release/res/raw/g_services.json